Tartan Ribbon

At Regray Textiles, we manufacture and supply a plethora of different ribbons. Our range includes approximately eighteen different types of ribbon. If you’re looking for suppliers of ribbons in the UK, we are able to offer an extensive range to suit you.

We offer both single and double-sided ribbon, which is cheap without compromising on quality. Other plain ribbons include those made from acetate, velvet, taffeta, grosgrain or sheer/organza ribbon, as well as wire-edged ribbon. Other types include Petersham ribbon, which is a thick yet flexible corded ribbon usually used as facing, similar to grosgrain but with a flexible picot edge allowing for shaping with an iron, named after the 18th century lord. We provide customers with ribbons with a particular pattern too, such as gingham or tartan, as well as those with properties for specific tasks such as stretch ribbon and curling ribbon. We also offer pre-tied bows, ribbons with special designs, and those used for medals.

To discover more about our range of ribbons, please get in touch with us through our contact form, or by email at sales@regray.co.uk. You can also call us on either Tel: 0161 368 7417 or Tel: 07802 407628 to speak to us directly. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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