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Shockcord banner loops

Shockcord assembled into loops with fittings

Perfect for holding banners in place

Virtually any fitting can be supplied and we can make to your exact specification

Our only limitation is your imagination

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Supplied as polyester boning in 7, 8 and 12mm

Black and white as standard

We also offer ''Rigilene'' in 15mm black, white and ivory

Perfect for support in corsets, lingerie, bridal wear etc

Unbreakable, durable, can wash and dry clean, no pocket required

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 Various widths and roll lengths available

Perfect for item protection in transit

Extra large bubble product supplied for delicate items

At Regray Textiles we also offer other safety transit items

I.E. Loosefill Chippings, Padded Postal Bags, etc

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Cat collars
( CAT )

 All types of made up cat collars supplied

Harnesses also supplied

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Hook & Loop Cable Ties

Re-useable hook and loop straps Perfect for bundling cables Standard lengths of 150mm, 200mm and 300mm We can also supply bespoke hook and loop straps for your precise application including buckles, dog clips, webbing, hooks etc As standard we also offer ALL types of hook and loop touch and close tapes, plus self-adhesive backed tape, coins and squares, low profile tape, fire...

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Inflatable Products

 All kinds of inflatable items supplied

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Printed Diary Bands
( PDB )

 Only 300 minimum

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PVC flanged insertion piping

Hollow bead PVC piping cord with flange

Can be dyed to any shade

Supplied as standard 14mm wide with 4mm tube and 10mm flange

Ideal as a piping on sports bags, seating etc.

Extremely flexible and hard wearing

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Retractable Lanyards

Various shapes, sizes, and designs available

Internal cord extends from the base unit when in use

Perfect for all modern security and tilling systems

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Sewing threads
( SEWT )

Vast range of quantities and colours available

We supply as standard : Spun polyester 75 and 120''s

Corespun polyester/cotton 12, 25, 36, 75 and 120''s

Bulked polyester 80 and 160''s

Bonded nylon 15, 20, 40, 60 and 80''s

Clear monofilament 80, 150, 180, 250, 330, 620 and 720''s

Other qualities and strength can be supplied

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Shockcord applications

At Regray Textiles Ltd we have to capacity to assemble and supply shockcord items for any application

We can offer shockcord on the reels, in endless rings with metal joins covered in shrink-wrapped PVC, or in lengths and loops

Virtually any fitting is possible and we can supply to your exact specification

Ideal for banners, roof racks, luggage straps etc

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Stretch Film

Various thicknesses are available of our clear stretch film

Hand-held tubes make the wrapping and securing of pallets etc easy

We also offer Bubble wrap for extra protection

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Swing Tickets

At Regray Textiles ltd. we can offer a virtually limitless range of swing tickets

From the basic rectangular cardboard items in various sizes

To custom bespoke high quality plastic versions with you own logo

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Towels, Woven Jacquard Logo
( Towels )

 Personalised high quality towels for the Sports, Promotional, Hotel industry etc.

Your own text and/or logo can be applied for a truly professional look

Perfect for golf, bar, beach, bathroom, bedroom etc

We also offer personalised scarves, hats, gloves

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 Various plain and bespoke items supplied

Event wristbands in Tyvek, plastic or vinyl for inexpensive effective crowd control/proof of entry

We also offer a more durable and comfortable debossed or printed silicone wristband

Perfect for charity/cause awareness

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Zip Fasteners
( Zips )

All types of zip fasteners supplied, including continuous chain zip

Various weights (no.3, no.5, no.8, no.9, and no.10) available

Open, closed and two-way ended

Many different zip pullers

Large range of teeth options (i.e. nylon, plastic, nickel, brass, aluminium, copper/silver/brass/gold effect plastic)

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